Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home From the Mountains

I've been out of the loop since I got home from the retreat. I'll post all about the soon. But today I want to tell you about our trip last weekend. This is the view from our dock at our house in the mountains of western North Carolina. Or it was until today, when the sale became final.

We have been going up to this part of NC since 1987 and we built this house in 2000 with our co-owners. We named it Kataluma, which in Greek means place of rest or place to let down your heavy load. Mary and Joseph stayed in the barn of a kataluma the night Jesus was born.
And so this has been our Kataluma - our place of rest. In some ways it doesn't seem real yet that it belongs to someone else. Our families have spent many happy times there over the last 10 years. And I truly hope this new family will be as happy there as we were. There is a season for everything, and our season here has ended.

There are stone steps and a nice gentle walk down to the lake. Here I am with my grandchildren, feeding the ducks on a calm, peaceful morning.

One of the things I liked the best about Kataluma was that I filled the house with quilts!! Now that they are all back here in Pensacola, I will be sharing them in the near future. Here is our bedroom and a wall hanging of earth toned plaids. This was really my favorite and one I made specifically for Kataluma.

So of course, guess what went up in my office first thing this morning (we just got back yesterday)?? Yep, my favorite quilt from the lakehouse.
It looks different in a business setting instead of facing out into the forest. But it brings lots of happy memories.

There are lots of scrappy pieces and I anchored the whole thing with black centers and a black border.
I used black thread and since this was done 10 years ago, it was hand quilted. It's pretty primitive feeling, but that's the feel I wanted to go up in the mountains.
And here's the kitty block. Until I started taking pictures of all my kitty blocks, I didn't realize how often I used the same fabric LOL! I really will have to go hunting for some new pieces.

So until next time, make something beautiful.


Darlene said...

Karen, I love that quilt. Now you can enjoy it for awhile in your office.

Carla said...

Oh, wow, Karen! What a beautiful place on the lake and a beautiful quilt! I love the "golden" feeling of the quilt. I'm just catching on that you put "kitty cat" fabric in all of your quilts. As I type, my new kitty is running through the room and sliding into the flannel back tablecloth that I have on the floor where I'm playing with my hexagons. It's quite the game! Hexies are everywhere!!

Valentina said...

Oh it must be sad saying goodbye to a place holding such wonderful memories. The picture of you and your grandkids near the water says it all.
I love your Kataluma quilt, it glows!

QuiltSue said...

It must have been difficult to part with that "retreat" home of yours, but, as you say, everything has its season.
The quilt you showed is great, it makes me feel warm and cozy just looking at it.

Carol said...

Your quilt is just full of memories...if it could talk...think of the stories it could share. What a treasure.

Janet said...

What lovely memories you have of the lakehouse, hard parting with it I'm sure. The quilt is a stunner, I love it.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I'm so glad you were all able to gather there one last time. It's such a beautiful place, and I know you'll miss it.

I had forgotten about all the quilts you've made for Kataluma over the years. I'm looking forward to visiting with some of them again.

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh gosh....I wish I'd have know about the house! It is wonderful. Will look forward to the quilt show you share along the way...the one you shared today is a beauty!!

Amy said...

I'm sorry that you are saying goodbye to such a beautiful, serene place! It's breathtaking! I know you'll miss it a lot :(

Karen said...

We love the North Carolina mountains. I should have gotten to know you sooner. We go to either the Boone area or Maggie Valley area every year.

Your mountain home quilt is definitely a good one. Good colors and prim style. I can see why you like it so well.

We have to meet some day!

Rose Marie said...

Memories are wonderful .... and seeing that quilt in your office, it will give you time to pause in your busy life and remember and smile. Beautiful quilt!