Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not Quite So Tangy

I've seen this quilt in person. It really is this happy and wild LOL!! But when Kim and I decided to make a quilt for a friend at the office who was celebrating her 50th Birthday, we decided to tone it down a bit.
Her husband sent us a picture of the couch (it was a surprise) so we could get some idea of where to go. I'd say it turned out pretty well. This is such a fast, fun, easy quilt to make. The beauty of this is that you only need two fabrics that go well together, and you're set.

We used a palette of soft blues, grays and sand colors. We both raided our stashes and only had to buy a few filler pieces. This quilt has a very tranquil feel to it, so unlike the original LOL!
The other neat thing about this quilt, is that for each pair of fabrics, you get a positive and a negative block. See the middle row, left block (above) and below? That batik was our focal fabric.
I can't believe how versatile these patterns are. Hope you all are enjoying Scrap Basket Surprises as much as I am.
Until next time, make something beautiful,


Darlene said...

I love it! I can imagine that your friend loved it, too.

My birthday is next month - hmmmm - LOL

Vivian said...

Every version I've seen of the quilts in Kim's Scrap Basket Surprises has been fun to see. It's a book filled with great ideas. Having that photo from the husband was such a bonus for you. Love the quilt.

Linda C said...

What a lucky lady to have such lovely friends. Brown and blue, always good together. Thanks for sharing.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

That was defininitely a scrap quilt. So many stray pieces of fabric! And I agree that D's quilt is a lot quieter. :)

carol fun said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love seeing this pattern in different color recipies. I made one for me in Mary Engelbreit's and yellow, it is a favorite of mine.

QuiltSue said...

That looks wonderful, and so different from the original.

Valentina said...

What a great gift!
And what an amazing lesson in colour-theory seeing the two quilt together.
Thanks so much for sharing, Karen!

Millie said...

Every version is pretty and I think your friend will be very happy!