Friday, June 4, 2010

Cats and Quilts in Asheville

We recently returned from a visit to our son and daughter in law's house in Asheville, NC. While I was there, I decided to take pictures of the quilts I've made for them over the years. Here is my son's graduation quilt from the University of Florida. He wanted to be a ranger and work with bears - hence the bear theme. The story I told him was that the baby bears always followed their mother. Notice the one in the bottom left corner, he got lost LOL!! I had a friend quilt it (I had not started machine quilting yet). It's supposed to look like mountains.
Of course, there has to be a cat hidden in the quilt. I added two so they wouldn't be afraid of the bears LOL!!
Next is my DDIL's graduation quilt from Florida State University (you might think that this would present a problem, but it doesn't). I did the front in neutral earth tones. This is the same layout I used for my friend's thank you quilt - the wild one done with scraps from all the t-shirt quilts. I absolutely love this layout!
But the back is all FSU!!!
Here's the kitty fabric hidden in one of the blocks. By this time, I was machine quilting my quilts.

Last year I made an Amy Butler quilt for her birthday. By fussy cutting the kitty, I was able to make it look like he had a collar. How fun is that??

Last, but certainly not least, is their wedding quilt. It's a signature quilt. My original design. The guests signed the blocks at the reception. They were married in October outdoors in a meadow north of Asheville. I wanted the colors to remind them of the way the leaves looked that Friday afternoon as the sun turned them red and gold. The beauty around us was almost as stunning as the bride and groom.
I made a similar quilt for my daughter's wedding 8 years ago. The next time I'm in Charlotte I'll take pictures of all her quilts.
I used a Pigma pen and stabilized the panels with freezer paper before having the guests sign.
The quilt is hand quilted. I decided that a wedding quilt was worth the effort. And here are the kitties. I didn't realize I used the same fabric as her graduation quilt. I am needing a new supply of cat fabric, guess I'll have to go shopping :).
So for now, that's all of the quilts living in Asheville. I'm sure this won't be all.
Until next time, make something beautiful.


QuiltSue said...

What great quilts. I loved the little lost bear in the first one and I thought the wedding quilt was wonderful.

Karen said...

The bear quilt sure is a good one for someone living in the mountains of North Carolina.

And the wedding quilt is a special one for sure.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

It's so much fun seeing these quilts again, and looking for the cat! I love that you do that on all your quilts. It makes the quilts even more special.

Janet said...

I think all the quilts are fabulous. Good for you getting photos, you should put them in an album or make a disc. I love the backs you've shown too, I'm not very good at back art.

Vivian said...

Thanks for taking photos of the quilts so you could share their stories with us. Each is adorable, and I enjoyed learning details about them. It's always fun seeing the backs too, and you've saved us some possible frustration, showing where those little cats are.

em's scrapbag said...

These are some beautiful quilts.