Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beauty for Ashes

Many of you may remember last month when my DH was stranded in Scotland due to the volcanic ash. I started working on a pile of blocks that had been in a drawer for many years. Beauty for Ashes is done!! I still need to do a label telling it's story.
The name comes from a verse in the Bible - Isaiah 61:3 that says "..[He] will give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." That perfectly described me for those few days. I needed a garment of praise for my spirit of heaviness. I claimed that verse and after 5 days of being stranded, my DH came home.
I always knew I wanted to add a basket of flowers to these blocks. It's a little bit of an odd shape, ended up being almost square. I will be taking this to the office, I think it will look great on my wall. And I'll get to enjoy it all day.
I had to go buy a few 1/8 yards of fabric for the flowers. This particular line - Secret Garden by Robyn Pandolph, has a very different coloring. Not very many things go with it.
I used a yellow thread for the machine quilting and I'm very pleased.
The flowers are some that I've used before, they are just perfect for me.
One thing I always do (for almost 20 years) is hide a cat in my quilts. Sometimes it is in the fabric (see the center) and sometimes when I can't find suitable fabric, and I add a cat at the end.
Here is the original Secret Garden quilt I made. This is hanging now in my Living Room. While antique shopping in Greensboro, NC with my Dad, we found this hanger. It's actually the back of a dresser. My Dad added a dowell and it's been used to display quilts for many years. I change them out seasonally, or as the mood strikes me.

I couldn't find any cat fabric to match so this got the cat at the end. So this is the end of my volcano saga. We are now dealing with the threat of the oil leak on Pensacola Beach. I don't even want to think about that.
So, until next time, make something beautiful.


Darlene said...

Oh, Karen, where do I start - the quilt is beautiful; I love the remembrance and sentiment; this quilt will be an heirloom for your family.

Love idea of the cats - so sweet!

The quilt hanger is ingenious!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I love Beauty for Ashes -- such a unique setting. Seeing all the Robyn Pandolph fabric brings back memories of searching high and low for that fabric line.

Cute quilt hanger. Your dad is such a handy guy.

Terry said...

Beauty for Ashes is just beautiful! :0)

Quilt Hollow said...

Well you are now the 2nd person I know who hides a kitty in all her quilts! I hadn't ever heard of anybody else doing it besides a friend of mine until I read your post. The quilt is wonderful...and so is that rack!

*karendianne. said...

Oh my goodness but this is amazing! I love how you have a tradition of hiding a cat in your quilts. That makes me so happy in my heart. Says a lot about your heart I think. What a pleasure to meet you.

*karendianne. (karen) in Florida as well. J'ville.

Vivian said...

Simply lovely post, Karen. From the story of the "ashes" quilt, to the hanger, to the 20-year tradition of placing a cat somewhere in each of your quilts, plus all the lovely photos. Do the recipients of your quilts know about the cats? What fun it would be hunting for them.

QuiltSue said...

That quilt really is beautiful. I love the cat too.

The quilt hanger is a brilliant idea which must make it easy to change the display whenever you feel like it.

Janet said...

What a beautiful quilt and I love your tradition of the cat, that's such a personal touch. The quilt hanger is wonderful too, such a good idea. The siasters are not good to hear and read about.

JoAnne said...

I was surfing blogs this a.m. and found yours - love the quilt and the hidden cat. Read some of your older posts and saw High Point, NC mentioned. Our parents are all in High Point and we love the Smoky Mountains also.

amysmack said...

I love your beautiful new quilt...and I especially love hiding the cat in your quilt! It's like Hitchcock but much better!

Karen said...

Beautiful quilt Karen! I love the basket of flowers and the cat is wonderful.

Katie said...

As a recipient of many quilts it is usually the first thing we look for.....the infamous cat. And of the stack of 6 I am looking at just in my bouns room all have a cat except my first quilt as a youngin' made almost 30 years ago. Love the flowers mom. Next is owls or birds.......for me of course.

em's scrapbag said...

Beautiful quilt. Your quilting is fabulous! I like your little kitty tradition. Very fun.

Rose Marie said...

Wow .... gorgeous quilts! I love the applique you added to the one side of your hanging. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Karen said...

I was looking at your "Beauty For Ashes" quilt. It is a beauty. I like the applique going down the side and the spring colors.