Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Quilt Show Pictures

Here is the reason I stopped blogging for about 6 weeks. It's called "Upstate Beauty" in honor of growing up near Rochester, NY and fall being my favorite time of year. It's based on an antique quilt I saw in a magazine in 1995. I ripped the page out thinking one day I'll make that quilt! With close to 3,000 little spikes, if I hadn't had the deadline of the show, this quilt would probably still be sitting in a box.

But, it's not, it's wearing a red ribbon, for 2nd place. I was thrilled. As hard as I worked on this quilt, I knew that it had its issues. (Don't we all know exactly where the "issues" are?) Last summer I bought a book called Quilting in the Limelight by Philippa Naylor. I read it cover to cover, it's an absolutely incredible book. Philippa is so extremely talented, that trying anything she writes about is inimidating. Well, I tried 4 new techniques on this quilt from that book! I think the first time you use a new technique, it's risky. It may or may not work. Mostly, mine didn't work, but who knows what would have happened if I hadn't tried them. There is always a learning curve on new techniques. Plus, I was teaching myself, which is more difficult than if you take a class to learn a technique. Next time will be a little better, I'm sure.

I'm very pleased with the quilting design in the open spaces. I drafted the design to mimick the arcs of the blocks. I used a Kaufman Batik, so hand quilting thru a batik was not the best thing to achieve a small stitch. Plus, I do not use a hoop, but quilt in my lap (which also is not the best to achieve a small hand stitch). But, this quilt is for me, and on many levels, it achieved everything I had hoped for. It will occupy a place of honor in my house. I used Bamboo batting for the first time, and love it!! This quilt, with all its seams and use of batiks, already feels like it's been washed 100 times.

My friend, Kim Brackett, of Magnolia Bay Quilts and author of Scrap Basket Surprises, showed up Saturday afternoon for a book signing with our local quilt shop. She graciously stood in front of my quilt (what else??) for a picture.

I will post more pictures, now that the show is over, I feel like I have a portion of my life back. There is one more deadline looming, but I'll tell more about that another time.
Until next time,


Darlene said...

It's breathtaking, Karen. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!!

The picture of you and Kim is wonderful - thank you for sharing.

Nicole said...

That quilt is incredible. Those points! Awesome work. And the quilting could not be more perfect. What a treat to see it!

Quilt Hollow said...

Wowzers Karen...are you insane girl?! It is beautiful..absolutely wonderful! Congrats on your ribbon!!!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

As pretty as it looks here, it's even prettier in person! I still can't believe you quilted all those tiny points by hand.

I'll be calling Chardonnay for a haircut this week! :)

Meredith said...

Aren't you glad you took a break from your blog. It is a work of art.

Nan S. said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilt!! I also have Philippa Naylor's book, and I love it. I've used so many of her quilting motifs and would be interested in knowing which of her techniques you used in this quilt.

SueR said...

Congratulations on your prizewinner! An absolutely spectacular quilt. Your hand quilting is beautiful.

Millie said...

Beautiful quilt and congrats! I love Kim's Scrap Basket book which I won last year when she had her give away.

Karen said...

You are the spike queen! What a beauty this quilt is.