Friday, April 1, 2016

Don't Forget the Giveaway

There is one more day left on the giveaway for Scrap Quilt Secrets.  I have found your answers to my question so interesting. The color Orange has come up a lot as one that people either have never used or one that they never WILL use.  I used to think that too.  And while Orange is not my favorite color, there are some shades of Orange that have found their way into my projects. 
This was Bonnie Hunter's 2013 mystery Celtic Solstice. I didn't think I would like this colorway but it grew on me.  It's still not quilted yet, maybe this year.
This was a quilt I did for a guild challenge last year.  We had to use the Pelican pattern provided and could interpret it any way we wanted to.  I actually had fun doing this one too.
So, give Orange a try, you never know.  It might become your new best friend, or not.  Here's the list if you haven't already entered, I'll choose a winner tomorrow. Good luck!

3/21    C&T Blog

with Diane

3/22    Bonnie Hunter

3/23    Lori

3/24    Karen   

3/25    Audrey

3/26    Pat Sloan

3/27    Valerie

3/28    Kelly

3/29    Victoria Findlay Wolfe

3/30    Rachaeldaisy

3/31    Angie

4/1       Julie

4/2       Barb

Happy stitching today,


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SandyPA said...

Hi! I am a blue-eyed blonde so orange is NOT my color. But it's funny how orange has crept into my quilts. I seem to have gravitated toward orange is a surprising way - an orange chevron quilt, Bonnie's Celtic Solstice quilt and now Bonnie's Orange Crush is in progress. Orange is a complimentary color for blue, which is my favorite color, so that is my justification.