Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Think I may be Addicted

Last night I started another Tumbler quilt.  I've decided to do one in all neutrals and so far I'm loving it!
I am using this wonderful template by Diane Knott from  It uses a 5" strip of fabric.  I have been raiding my stash of neutrals and have been finding some really OLD friends.

Over the past few weeks I have made these Tumbler quilts.  
This one is actually being quilted at the moment.
This was my second one, in progress.  It's a slightly different set and was made using men's recycled shirts.

I immediately started another one.

The third one is basted and ready to go.
And then there was this one.
Well my current addiction all started last October with this one, made from 21/2" strips.
I have found this pattern to be the perfect thing when you just want to sit and sew, I really am addicted!!

On second thought, addicted sounds so harsh, maybe I should say I'm doing a series!!!

By the way, Diane has some very exciting things going on at the moment, so be sure to pop on on over and check it out.

Happy stitching today,


Nifty Quilts said...

I love your series, especially the neutrals and the men's shirts!

Vivian said...

Yes, "addicted" may be the wrong word, but we know exactly what you mean. You're also obsessed with, devoted to, absorbed by, and hooked on tumblers, so you're definitely a tumbler fanatic!
Great quilts, Karen -- every one! What's your favorite height of tumbler to cut and sew? Are these varied or all the same size?

Karen said...

Will you do any applique on the neutral tumbler piece?

Rose Marie said...

I've done just one tumbler top doing Bonnie Hunter's leader/ender project. Except, they took over and I completed the top sooner rather than a bit at a time. I'm ready to make another as they are so much fun to do. I'm admiring all your tumblers!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

You really are addicted to tumblers--lol! I love the latest version--very cool! I have a couple tumbler templates and well as an Acuquilt die, but I've never made a tumbler quilt. I better get to work on one of these-- all your versions are so fun!

Judith said...

You're really tumbling along!

Kleine Vingers said...

The tumbler quilts look great. Greetings

Quiltsmiles said...

Gorgeous neutrals tumbler quilt! LOVE!!!!

Avon said...

I have never made a yellow and orange and pink though I have been thinking about it.🤔