Thursday, October 1, 2015

From Student to Teacher

Last Saturday I had the privilege to spend the day with some of the members of the Covington County Quilters Guild up in Andalusia, AL.  We spent the day in a workshop learning the pickle dish block.
And I'm sad to say I do not have a single picture from our day to share!! (These are from my workshop a few months ago.)
My students got to choose between making either Organic Pink Pickles or Purple Pickles.  There was a lot of purple, cheddar, pink, brown, batiks and B&W going on.  They all finished at least one block and I hope I made some PP pickle dish fanatics. 

 Today I'm putting what I preached into practice.  This is actually a hand drawn pattern.  It seems to be adequate since I'm only doing one arc.
I'm making this arc for a current project.
This is my second try.  The one on top just completely disappeared into the background.  After finishing it and appliquing it to the background I could tell it was not working.  So I decided to use the actual background fabrics instead of the yellow. I think I'll be much happier.  It's a good thing these don't take long. 
And speaking of being the student, my project from Jane Sassaman's class is still living on my design wall.  Jane said the yellow didn't go, so I took it out and now I'm stuck here.  I'll be making a few more rays and putting them in the upper corner.  This may take me a while.

I will share some student work when I get pictures ☺️. 
Happy stitching today,


Janan Doster said...

Glad you got to visit in Alabama!
If you are searching to add to the purple, I am stuck right there with ya!
Maybe some more gray and magenta??

Diane said...

I could never tire of looking at your pickle dish quilts. Such gorgeous colors and patterns. Take your time on the other project, it will let you know what it needs. So far so good!

Barb said...

wish I had been there - I love the pickle dish block!
I had the same problem in Boston -not one photo

CecileD said...

The Pickle Dish is a very beautiful quilt !! A few years ago I have done a wedding ring quilt but I think it's not the same....
For your second project, take your time ....:)

Karen said...

I am sure your students learned many tips from you on the pickle dish. Not an easy project to work on.

FlourishingPalms said...

It's interesting to know that you too can see something you've made and know it's just not right. Happens to me a lot. And even if I tell myself, "it's gonna be okay, so leave it," I am always happiest when I take the time to make it "right." No pictures from your class?! That's what happens when you're the teacher! Funny, but on Monday I'm going to be the teacher, and then all day Tuesday I'm going to be the student... probably struggling just as you did in your Jane Sassaman workshop. I'll be sure to share pictures!

Belinda said...

Yes…Yes…Pickle Dish….you are SOOOOO good girlfriend!!! I want to sew one of these someday!!!