Sunday, June 29, 2014

Green and Purple - Finally Made a Decision

After critically looking at pictures in the last post, I knew the puffy pieces had to go!  I had hoped they would look like trapunto.  I had used wool batting, but they didn't look like trapunto, they just looked puffy!
While trying to figure out what to do, I noticed this little yellow flower.  I decided to copy that as a design element in all the square in a square blocks.  It meant changing thread color for each one, but it honestly didn't take too long and it made a huge difference.
You can't really see it until you get close, but overall this border looks so much better.
The second thing I fixed was the little purple border.  It's only 1 1/2" wide so there wasn't room to do much of anything.  I kept doodling on paper - I really wanted a design where I could quilt a continuous design without breaking the thread or back tracking.  In the end I went with little squiggles, horizontal in one triangle, vertical in the next.  That too went pretty fast and flattened that puffy border just perfectly.
The last thing I needed to fix was the center block.  It too was supposed to look like trapunto - but no such luck.  There was quite a bit of extra fabric where the center spikes were gathered, so there weren't a lot of options except to quilt some lines and try and calm it down.  I'm glad all these final decisions are made and done.
Binding is finished, final pictures coming next.
Happy stitching,


audrey said...

Well it all looks wonderful to me! Glad that you are happy with the results.:)

QuiltSue said...

So all's well that ends well, as "they" say. For myself, I thought it looked wonderful before, now it looks even wonderful-er!

Terry said...

You made great choices...I love the little flower you quilted! It's so cute! :0)

Karen said...

Good choice on the daisy quilting design. Was meant to be.