Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blocking in the Afternoon Sun

The quilting is done (I think) and I'm blocking the edges so the binding can be added. 
When I walked by and saw it sitting on the floor in the afternoon sun, I could see all the texture and the different design - made me smile.
I used my walking foot in some parts, but that thing frustrates me sometimes.  I am so used to using the free motion foot and being okay with slight wobbles that I need to balance that out with the clunkiness of the walking foot.  But at least my lines in the outer border are straight.
The echo quilting in the purple triangles is "organic" for sure!!!  But it's staying as it is.
When I look at these pictures, I think I need more quilting in the smaller purple block border.  Any suggestions??
Happy stitching today,


FlourishingPalms said...

Wow. You really got on that project! It's looking great. I too love the texture... that's the absolute best part of quilting a quilt yourself - seeing it come to life. A couple ideas for the smaller purple area... where you've already put some zig-zag stitches, right? Quilt a swirl in each one, or a leaf that you could travel around two or three times. Or simply zig-zag another line in an opposing direction, to you get the effect of diamonds.

Janan said...

You are really a fast quilter. I love the texture added by all the quilting.
I think in that smaller border maybe add a meandering vine of small leaves between the zig zags.
Did you quilt it on the new Juki machine?

Ruth said...

The quilting is fabulous! Both previous comments are kind of what I was thinking for the purple block border.

Mayleen said...

I love the colors and the texture of your quilt! I don't machine quilt but Linda or Janan's suggestions sound wonderful.

Esther said...

Beautiful quilting!

Quilt Hollow said...

Very pretty.

pandchintz said...

Your quilting is amazing!!

Kim Brackett said...

This is gorgeous! Every time I see your awesome quilting, I remember when you told me you'd NEVER be able to do that. You've come a long way! :-)

antique quilter said...

I love this quilt and the quilting is amazing I don't think you need to add anymore
I am so impressed you quilted this yourself

Carla said...

Your quilting is so beautiful, Karen. I like Linda's ideas for adding a bit more to the one area. i look forward to seeing what you decide.