Thursday, June 27, 2013

Claiming My Blog

Not really sure what I need to do, but I've joined Bloglovin' and I hope you'll click the button on the right side bar and continue being a loyal reader.  If you've already imported your blogs, I think you're good to go.
After all, you need to see what I've decided to do with all the animals, they've been talking to me.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Waiting for the Animals to Talk

I was asked several weeks ago by a friend at church, if I would be willing to make 2 simple baby quilts for a young couple having twin boys.  She has already bought the fabric.  Sounded easy enough so I said sure.
When she handed me the fabric and I opened the bag, what I found was about 2 1/2 yards of this fun DRAPERY fabric!!  54" wide and nice and stiff.  Not exactly the soft cotton I am used to.
I saw her Sunday and told her I was still "thinnin' about it".  When she looked at me with a strange look on her face, I told her that was a favorite saying of my Scottish FIL.  It meant I was still thinking about it.
These really are adorable almost hand drawn looking animals and so colorful.
So my goal today, is to "listen" to the animals and try to figure out how to make 2 baby quilts.
When I've finished "thinnin'" on it, I'll share pictures.
Stay cool today, it's a hot one here in Pensacola.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Few Flower Boxes

At every Pensacola quilt show we always have a few things that have become tradition.  One of them is what we call the Souvenir Block.  These are blocks made with a pre-determined pattern and made totally by members to sell at the show.  They sell for $1 each in our boutique.  Visitors can pick out any variety they want, take them home and make a quilt.  It's been very popular.  For the show next year, we are doing this block that I call "Flower Boxes".
Each month (or every other month) there is a specific colorway recommended.  Since we started, we've had spring flowers, patriotic red, white and blue, Christmas, fall, "manly" colors such as brown or dark colors, and black and white - just to name a few.
For the next few months we are doing black and white.
I've made other blocks in some of the other colors, but I especially wanted to do some B & W as I have a lot of odds and ends that are perfect to use up.
Before I knew it, I knew it I had 7 whipped up the other morning.  You may recognize the basic block as being one that I've done before.....'s my happy quilt.    The only difference between these two blocks is the addition of another row around the center block.   This is also the one I let Cameron make last summer when she came to my house.  In this version there are 2 rows around the center.
I was so crazy about this block that I also did another quilt last fall in black, grey and yellow.  I'm just telling you these blocks are so addictive. 
The goal for the show is 1,000 blocks which sounds like a whole lot.  To date, we have over 600 turned in.  So I think some others are finding out how addictive they are too LOL!!
Hope you've found some stitching time, it's too hot down here to do much else :).

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dinner at the Beach

I've been busy and can't believe June is more than halfway done already!  My DH and I finally celebrated our 40th with dinner on Pensacola Beach with friends.  Jimmy Buffet opened a new hotel 2 years ago and we haven't been so that's where I picked - Margaritaville :).
This really is where we have lived for the past 40 years.  It is a beautiful place.
As our anniversary fell over Memorial Day weekend, I knew I didn't want to be anywhere near the beach.  When we went Saturday, it was perfect.
The hotel is pretty and not too crowded.
After dinner we went down on the beach for cake.  As you can see from the waves (and the hair), it was pretty windy.  But it felt good.
We are blessed to have such sweet friends and of course my sister and her hubby.
As you can see, the sun had set and it got dark fast.  We asked a young couple walking the beach to take a group shot. Turns out, they were on their honeymoon and had only been married 2 days.  We told them the people in this picture combined have been married 162 years!!  We wished them good luck - they were from Oklahoma.
I'll have quilty things to show soon.
Have a great day,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baby Jack's Quilt

I have a new grandson due next month - woohoo!!  But these last few months have been speeding by and I don't have a baby quilt ready.  When we were up in Charlotte a few weeks ago, I went to the LQS with my DD and my DDIL and she picked out some fabric for Baby Jack's quilt.  Knowing that my son loves bears I suggested Bear's Paw  block and she agreed.  I am going to keep the quilt a surprise so this will be the only peek until Baby Jack arrives.  I designed the quilt in EQ7 and I love how the blocks are coming together.  It's a great start!
These are the 3 fabrics she picked - the blue for the border and backing, the Kauffman grey quilters flannel and the firecracker print (it kind of looks like fireworks) for accents.  I am pulling in the rest of the fabric I need from my stash.  I love the challenge of trying to create something with just a few fabrics as a jump off point.
This fabric is dated 2013 - how cool is that?
And she also wanted a pop of red.  Before we left the store, I found this windowpane check and bought 1 yard - so glad I did, there's not much left :). Several other suggested "requirements" were a nautical theme with anchors or wheels (since he's being born in Mrytle Beach), a nod to the Boston Red Sox and of course, I need to add my hidden kitty.
I wish I could show you how it's going so far, but I'm very happy.  I hope to get the top pieced in the next few days, I've got a little applique to do and then it will be ready to baste.  This will be my 4th grandchild (big smile).  I've hand quilted all their baby quilts, and I will hand quilt this one too.  It may seem odd to want to hand quilt a baby quilt, but back in 2004 when my 1st granddaughter was born, my machine quilting skills made hq the only option - LOL.  So my Jubilee quilt will be taking a back seat for a while.  Such a fun reason though :).
Have a great day,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Almost Done

It almost seems silly that I've spent so much time debating about the quilting on this wallhanging, but that's behind me now and I'm almost done.  Yay!!!  I'm sewing the binding down, then I'll add a hanging sleeve and finally take it to my office.  I do love the way the corners have turned out with this striped border.  Exactly what I was hoping for.
After finishing the row of feathers, I stalled.  This has been draped over a quilt stand as I have stared at it for weeks - willing it to tell me what to do!  I tried several different ideas and ripped them out.  Last week I was walking thru the garage and saw a roll of 1" blue painters tape sitting there and that was it.  I decided to use the tape as a guide and sew 1" diagonal rows in the 4 corners and be done with it!
It looks "just fine".  Not sure what I was hoping for, but this isn't an heirloom piece.  I guess I wanted to do the best I could as I do think clients will see it when they first walk in the office and I wanted my boss to be pleased.
So the next pictures of this will be when it's hanging in my office :).  After all the angst I hope I like it.  Oh well, I still have the tumbler quilt as a back up if I don't!
Have a great day,