Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Different Look

I decided to try my Nine Patch Pineapple quilt on the couch this year.  Last year it was not quilted.  I was scheduled to teach this technique as a 2 day workshop last January. So I needed to quilt this one and then decided to make another quilt (the Christmas table topper). 
I must say, I do think it looks quite wonderful!!  With all the light areas, it brightens up the couch.  It's not an exact color match, but still very "fallish" looking with a great graphic pattern.  I'm enjoying having it out where I can see it every day.
This simple quilt is the one I normally use on the couch during the fall.  I made it years ago in fabrics that almost exactly match the couch.  This year I decided to try it in the foyer on the deacon's bench.  Love it!!  With the morning sun coming in, it looked so pretty.
And last to put up for my fall quilt decorating, is my "One of Kind" fall sampler.  I finally decided to put a sleeve on this instead of just pinning it up.   It looks so much better that I sometimes wonder why I procrastinate so long on something so simple. Still love this one.
And this weekend in downtown Pensacola, was the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival. The Pensacola Quilters Guild had a booth in the Heritage Arts section.  We were able to hang "Vintage Blooms" and sell tickets.  
I was told that it earned an award and won $100.00!!  Yippee :).  So happy, this quilt just makes me smile every time I see it.  And to think that for one mere dollar, it could go home with someone. :)
It was a great weekend - this is a beautiful time of year along the Gulf Coast. 
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Carla said...

Your fall quilts are so lovely, Karen. That medallian quilt is fantastic...hope your guild earn lots of money with it.

Karen said...

I want to come take a nap on your sofa!

Doniene said...

Karen, I've been awol from commenting, but I always love a visit to your blog!! I love these quilts and just had to tell you!! They are just gorgeous!


Ruth said...

Your home decorations are perfect for fall! I love the 9-patch pineapple and might need to get that pattern. Your fall wall hanging is so cute! And the raffle quilt is gorgeous. When is the drawing?

FlourishingPalms said...

Vintage Blooms is beautiful, Karen. And so are you right alongside of it! I know it will garner lots of raffle chances and lots of money. Great work!