Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Broken Dishes and Pickles

I've been meaning to share this mini Broken Dishes that I made a while ago.  It's made with bonus triangles from my quilt Mocha Swirl (from Scrap Basket Surprises).  I made this for the upstairs bathroom.  You can see the pins are still holding it may be that way for a while LOL.
It looks really good with the black towel bars and the dark brown towels.  The border fabric is the backing of the original quilt.  It would probably look really good without the pins too - must put that on a list :).
I actually thought of this because last week I ordered new dishes and the boxes came yesterday!!  Kind of a late 40th Anniversary present to us.  These are Bobby Flay dishes from Kohl's and they are beautiful!!  This is only our third set of dishes in 40 years so I'll probably have these for a while.  They are my favorite color of brick red, with blue, cheddar yellow, lime green and a turquoise. So updated but still looks like me :).   And when I opened the boxes - there were no Broken Dishes!! (which made me think of the mini quilt)
The pickle dish blocks are nearing completion, and I'm realizing that I've made a mistake on the corner squares.  Here you can see how light they are where the four come together. I originally used a variety of all the greys in the quilt, and what it really needs are just the darkest ones.  I wanted a scrappy look, just didn't know it would look so unbalanced.
So, I've been spending time un-sewing.  Not my favorite part, but once it's done I'll be so much happier.  Below I covered over the top 2 squares and you can see what a difference it makes using the darker fabrics. These colors are still not true - it's not quite this annoying!  But it is bright.
Hopefully I'll have something to share soon,  I'm ready to have this thing done!!!  I've been thinking of quilting designs.  Not sure how custom I want to make it. 
Happy stitching time today,


audrey said...

I have done that too, unsew and redo when I think something needs changed. Better now than to regret the not doing! Great little broken dishes quilt--such a classic block. Oh, and I LOVE your dishes. They look very charming.:)

Ruth said...

Love the dishes! So pretty. Now you've got me trying to figure out how many sets of dishes I've had.....

Karen said...

It doesn't bother me that you have some lighter grays in the connector corners. But if all dark ones makes you happy, then it is important and you are doing what you should.

Quilt Hollow said...

Popped in to catch up a bit this am. I too am due for new dishes but I tend to stick to the very ordinary to go with fav Mikasa French Countryside.
Pickle quilt is stinkin cute!!!

Barb said...

Broken Dishes is one of my favorite patterns in a small quilt. There is a lot going on with movement - looks great despite the pins.
I love those dishes! must find a Kohls in Ct
your PD looks really really great -

Terry said...

I love your broken dishes quilt! And I love your new dishes too! I think it's time I treated myself to some new ones! :0)

Nana said...

This is a pretty wallhanger and the design of the grey and pink is nice.


Janan said...

I love the bathroom quilt, it really does look nice in the bathroom. Who would have ever thought, a quilt there. I agree with you that the darker squares make the corners on the pickle dish! Looks much more defined, pulls the squares together, I do still like the scrappy look.