Monday, March 25, 2013

Here we go again

After working with those wonderful Civil War fabrics, I jumped to this!!  I've been asked to present a program to our Guild on this technique - "One of a Kind Quilts".  I've shared about this before, I love this technique.  I bought a new Christmas pillow panel to work with and then pulled fabrics from my stash that match.  I'm changing things up a bit and have made my own jelly rolls to work with (how fun is that?!?). The original directions call for a lot of templates, I'm trying to use some specialty rulers and see what happens.  The red, turquoise and green just make me smile!!
Here's the very early stages, I have many more blocks to make.  This is going to be so happy.
This is my last quilt I made using this technique - using these wonderful Kaffe pineapple blocks and lots of Kaffe fabric.  I actually sold this quilt when I was in Dothan, AL last October.  The new owner has graciously agreed to ship it to me so I can use it for my program.  Thanks Faye :). 
Never a dull moment around here LOL. I'm off to work, then I need to finish prepping for two workshops I'm taking with.............Cindy Needham!!
  I know - it's very exciting.  More later,


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

These colors just sing, you're right this will be one happy snowman quilt! I can't wait to see/hear about your Cindy Needham workshop too!!

Janan said...

I can hardly believe my eyes. I have these same colors, some of Nancy Halvorsen fabrics from this Christmas, turquoise blues, greens, and reds. I have been letting them sit here while I have been trying to decide what to make with them. I have a Christmas card that has a neat design on it, some vintage birdhouses with holly, stars and snowflakes. Maybe the "inspiration" will come from this card. I just love these colors too. The greens make me happy!!
I love your "one of a kind quilts". I wish I was closer, so I could attend your workshop!
Cindy Needham, really, . . . . WOW!
keep us posted!

Karen said...

Those are wake me up colors. The book cover looks familiar but I don't think I have had it. I have a book for layouts for different amounts of blocks. And then fill in with bits and pieces to create a quilt. Is this similar?

Sinta Renee said...

You have my ooo's and awe's... and double for the CN class!

FlourishingPalms said...

Sure enjoy seeing those bright prints in your post! They're such happy colors. And you even SOUND happier when you blog about them! What fun!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

What a fun Christmas quilt! I can't wait to see what you do in Cindy's class.

Lynn said...

I enjoyed seeing and reading about you over on Kim's blog! What a fun day for all of you. I wish I lived closer to see your program at your Guild. It looks like a great project you are presenting.