Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Leader - Ender Project Update

I was looking for something the other day and found another orphan block (gifted to me many years ago by a sweet friend).  All I have to do is finish adding the rest of the leaves. Not even sure what pattern this is but I love it!
Since the colors were so perfect, I started putting some of my leader/ender hst's around it to just play around (you know, 15 minutes of play). :)   This has A LOT of potential!!
Here's the original star that I shared before, plus another orphan block I found.   I had been playing around with this layout and it was looking good............ until I starting robbing the blocks for the flower block.
I've started sewing some of the units together into flying geese units, hst rows and the square in a square block.  Trying not to do too many as I don't want to limit my options.
These are all the triangles I have left (in the basket) - so when I finish making all these units, I'll see where I stand.  It's still going to take a while unless I just start sewing :)!!  Leader/ ender blocks are such a brilliant idea - thanks Bonnie!!
Have a great day,


Karen said...

The applique block looks like a Jan Patek or Alma Allen design. I think I have the pattern or one very similar. I like what you have started with the triangle units around the block.

Linda H. said...

I'm quite impressed with how industriously you've been tackling UFOs and using up fabrics. You're really staying on task! I should be so diligent. Thanks for offering a healthy quilt-y example for your readers to follow.

Janan said...

Merry Christmas Karen!
Merry Quilting!

LuAnn said...

That's a great appliqué block Karen. I have a bag of UFO blocks out ready to donate but after seeing your block I may have to rethink that. happy New Year to you!