Friday, November 9, 2012

My Fall Quilts

Fall is such a great time of year, even in Florida where we don't see much color change.  Of all my fireplace quilts, this might be my favorite.  It was the last one I made during my NYB series (8 in all).  I pulled in the clay/red color and made the golds a little stronger - love this one!  It almost glows at night.
My hand pieced and hand quilted apple core is always a favorite.  It's a good size and has so many wonderful memories attached to it.
This little fall wallhanging used to hang in my office in my ever changing series of  "Office Art", but now it gets to hang out in my living room, making me smile.  The applique is all by hand and it's hand quilted.  This is one of the quilts I've made using the "One of a Kind" method.  Love it!!
This last one is one I haven't shown before.  I made this quilt in 2003-2004.  We had just gotten this new couch and of course I had to make a quilt to match.
I'm not sure what this pattern is called, but it was fun and easy.  I carried this pillow around with me for weeks, making sure the fabrics would match.
It matches so well it almost doesn't show up!!  This was one of the last "utility" quilts I hand quilted before I started learning to machine quilt.  Now I pretty much save the hand quilting for 1st time baby quilts for the grands and the quilts I put in the quilt show.
It's not a really "wow" quilt, but was perfect for what I was trying to achieve.
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Karen said...

I am wondering if you have shown all your New York Beauty quilts in one post. It is a design I like very much. Beautiful fall colors in the one you show in this post.

regan said...

These are all beautiful quilts! And I really like the fabrics you used in the last one. Very calm and soothing! Fall is my favorite season, and I think I am drawn to the colors and those fabrics, too.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I love that last quilt. So soothing. I wasn't a fan of fall colors in the past, but I'm really drawn to them now.

carol fun said...

That New York Beauty is gorgeous! A house filled with quilts is a happy place to be!

Bev said...

Your quilts are beautiful! I love the idea of framing your NY Beauty. Thanks for sharing!

Cheery wave from

Janan said...

The New York Beauty on the fireplace is beautiful, stunning. I love the mustard color. In my home I have my small foyer painted mustard below the chair rail. You have the quilt framed, and I guess you left the "glass" off?
Great idea! I love how you make a smaller quilt so that you can try new, different techniques, without being overwhelmed by knowing you might have to finish a large project. Love it.

Can you answer a question for me?
Of course in your opinion, how do you store your fabric stash? I have mine in the plastic storage tubs purchased from Walmart with the lid snapped on. A lady told me the other day, that this would damage my fabric in these tubs. What is your opinion?

Wendy said...

All your quilts are wonderful. Someday I'll make a applecore quilt.

QuiltSue said...

Your "not really a wow quilt" is great. It looks so warm and snuggly. Perfect for a cold autumn day.

Linda said...

It's a pretty, serviceable quilt, Karen. I think each of us have sewn such a quilt. We used ours in the family room for a long time, which is why I was glad to get all new furniture for this Florida house and put away every quilt with dull colors. I'm tickled about being able to hang brightly colored quilts on my white walls. Maybe my taste will change after a few years of this, but for now, it's great.