Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Fun Little Something

I got a package yesterday of this cute fat quarter bundle.  I won a giveaway from Crazy Mom Quilts - Amanda Jean.
It's a line by Connecting Threads called Hello Sunshine. They are very cheery and sunny.  I've got a lot on the sewing table at the moment, but it sure is fun to look at :).  It doesn't happen often, but it feels great to win.
Back to the studio :)
P.S.  I started organizing the batting - so far I have made 4 useable batts out of the 80/20.  At least that's a start :)!!


Sinta Renee said...

I had seen that fabric and thought is was really cute! Congratulations on your win!

Diane said...

It is fun to win-and when fabric is the prize doubly so!
I do the same with leftovers-it's a bit of an ordeal but I get a kick out of using it all up-free batting!
I sew (loose zigzag)mine and hang them on a hanger with a little note attached telling what kind and the size. I can get several batts on one sturdy hanger

Madame Samm said...

HI karen....lovely lovely..I finally saw your note...I replied to it ....mmm over best to you ...

Vivian said...

The lines of fabrics at Connecting Threads are always interesting and fun, and Hello Sunshine is one of the cutest! Congrat's on your win. You'll enjoy these.
I know exactly what you mean by 80/20. We quilters kind of speak in code, don't we? I use 80/20 in more of my quilts than any other, which explains why I buy 30-yard rolls (the most economical way for me).

amandajean said...

I look forward to seeing what you make from it!