Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Design Wall

I keep forgetting to share this. This obviously is not my design wall, but it is hanging in my studio.  For my 15th leap year birthday my DD and DDIL decided to give me 15 presents! So much fun. But this one my DDIL designed.  She wrote the saying, printed it and framed it.  So appropriate for a quilter and I treasure it.
Here is what is on my design wall.  I'm doing another Nine Patch Pineapple in Christmas colors. I'm using the Grace line by 3 Sisters - sooooo pretty.
I just love watching this pattern emerge.
Remeber the mystery quilt from a couple of months ago?? Same pattern, different colors.
And I decided to add red for the center triangles.

I'll also be adding the strippy borders to this like the book shows.  It will probably be a blend of green and red - not sure at this point. I've gotten slightly distracted by my Jubilee Quilt.

But this is so rich looking - exactly what I was hoping for.  I'm making this a 9 block square and plan to use it as a table topper next Christmas.  I know, I feel so on top of things!!

So until next time,


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

That wall hanging is fantastic ... all the more so because your DDIL designed it!

I love the red center triangles in the mystery quilt ... really adds a bit of pop.

Diane said...

Nine patch pineapples in Christmas colors is wonderful-love it!

carol fun said...

Simply gorgeous! This pattern is wonderful. I love your fabric choices. And the framed piece is quite touching!

Linda said...

What a lovely gift. You have a very talented DIL. And I'm happy to see you have something on your design wall, which is quite the opposite of me who has been on the computer w-a-y too much today! Off I go!

Karen said...

I think the pineapple quilt could live happily at my house.

Kathie said...

oh I JUST LOVE this quilt, great job, perfect colors

Sinta Renee said...

Your quilt is beautiful and is going to be a wonderful gift! Just gorgeous!!!

Michelle said...

That's beautiful. I love pineapple quilts, but haven't worked up the nerve to tackle one yet.

Sherrill said...

Are you making up your own pattern by using the red tri's? I'd love to do one like that but I need a pattern--not one to create on my own. LOVE IT and will be beautiful on your Christmas table!