Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mom & Dad's Quilts - Part 3

I'm a little late with Part 3 but I've saved a good one to end with. It has been so much fun to share these quilts and other hand work pieces I've made for them over the years. This quilt was made for my Dad. It's an original design I call "The Boy from Ohio". He was born and raised in Wooster, Ohio. Putting the 4 Ohio Star blocks in the corners was an easy choice. I made this quilt in 1996 - and I had only been doing applique for a few years. I'm glad it's a folk art quilt as the motifs were fairly simple and so are my applique skills!! It took me a while to collect enough grey and brown plaids. I wanted it to look masculine and that was not what my stash looked like at that time!! I love the center medallion of folded bow tie blocks. It's hand quilted in a simple grid pattern.
My Dad uses this quilt every day - which just makes my heart smile. Each block at the top and the bottom has special meaning - especially the 2nd from the right on the bottom (this goat block also showed up in my parent's 50th wedding anniversay quilt too which I made 4 years later). My Dad has raised goats for probably almost 30 years. I hesitate to call them "pets" - they are more like friends :).
Here's the back art, a single bow tie.
And here's where the goats live - in the barn my Dad built for them.
My Dad names all his goats - and I'm not sure who this is - but she was very friendly.
Here are a few pictures of the quilt show. I am still recovering - it's a lot of work both in getting your quilts ready for the show and in putting the show on.
This is the second year we've met in this venue, it's really wonderful - so bright with plenty of room to enjoy the quilts.
I wanted to take this quilt home with me - it was made by one of the vendors and was hanging in her booth. She gave me permission to photograph it.
These fabrics remind me so much of Robyn Pandolph's Secret Garden. It's such a sweet quilt and the quilting is wonderful. I'm not sure I could ever replicate this on my domestic machine, but I'm going to keep trying and maybe someday my quilting will look like this.
Thanks for all the sweet comments on my ribbons and quilts. That is certainly not the reason I quilt - but winning a ribbon is such a fun thing (especially when it's blue)!!!
Have a great weekend.


regan said...

What a fun post! I loved seeing your Dad's quilt....and the goats! Sweet!

QuiltSue said...

Your Dad's quilt is obviously very special to him. I love the wedding ring quilt too, and the quilting is out of this world on it. I wonder how many hours it took to do all that?

Ruth said...

Your Dad's quilt is perfect for him! I love his barn too (maybe you should put a quilt picture on it). My DIL in Pensacola would like to have some goats at some point. The wedding ring quilt is awesome!

Barb said...

love your dad's quilt and his goats! They are both adorable.
thanks for sharing more quilt photos of the show.
put your feet up and have a cup of tea, you deserve it!

Doniene said...

I love your dad!!! I name all my goats too! Glad I'm not all alone in this world!!! The quilt is wonderful!! Love the bow ties!! Thanks for sharing quilt show quilts! Awesome!!