Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rolling Along

I've had fun cutting and playing today! I've taken a series of pictures to encourage me in my progress :). Here are all my pink and brown triangles and some string blocks.

I cut the green and neutral segments and moved the hst units from one side to the other. My total of string blocks were also growing.

Getting there..... and now only 1 set left undone. Yay!!! The only problem is now I've got 400 2" red and neutral half square triangles. That is not a typo - 400!!! The directions call for 600, but I'm making my quilt smaller.

So my progress will be slow for this next part.

Until next time,



Darlene said...

Wow, wow, Karen, you're working on some real beauties. Have fun.

Janet said...

What fun you're having in the sewing room. I think you've been very productive and thay all look wonderful.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Beautiful! (How did you do that so fast?) I can't wait to see the the next part.

AnnieO said...

I got hung up on all those mind boggling numbers too--and never started my RRCB. You are making good headway. Keep going!