Tuesday, January 4, 2011


From down here in Pensacola, FL I've been promising a certain quilter in Chicago, IL for several months that I would do a post about this, and today is the day!! (Sorry it's taken me this long). After my guest appearance on Stash Manicure back in July, I got a bunch of emails from people about my Miagia idea (Make it and give it away). I began to correspond back and forth with this one person and she sent me progress pictures. Her name is Annie and here's her finished Miagia. She told me she had lots of old, ugly fabric and she wanted to try my idea and see if she could use some of it up. She doesn't have a blog, but here is how you can find her and see her wonderful work: I'm so excited to have been the spark for this idea. Her quilt is completely made from stash - the whole point of SM and of Miagia's. It's using stuff you will probably never use for yourself, and making something wonderful for someone else - someone you will probably never know. Here's her back. This was also from her stash LOL! Thanks Annie for trying out my idea and great job on a finished Miagia!!
And these are some pictures taken from our guild's community quilt night group. We have a great group of quilters that love to come and sew. We've used Kim Brackettt's book "Scrap Basket Surprises" for a bunch of them. Our guild supports several local charities. They're getting pretty good at making Miagia's.
Good old rail fence blocks.
Hard at work :).
From a tutuorial I did on Stash Manicure I taught them the easy folded method of bow tie blocks and these girls had a ball!! It's an unbelievably fun block to do and you can use just about anything!!!
I believe these are bright enough to keep us awake for quite a while LOL!!
Hope you're inspired to get out that stash and start cutting. There are loads of good charities and people that would love a quilt! So just make it and give it away!!
Until next time, make something beautiful.


Sequana said...

Imagine that! *L* As I scrolled down the post, I thot that looked familiar. I have another mess of scraps cut for a 2nd MIAGIA. Time to get to work on it, huh?

You know, I still don't have this quilted. It's hanging on my new quilt ladder and looks so nice there.

Quilt Hollow said...

I happen to thing MIAGIA is wonderful! I have a real hard time piecing on my own tops with fabrics I just don't like. I usually give away fabrics I fall out of love with.

Becky said...

I think her miagia quilt was really pretty. Obviously I haven't been quilting as long as some of you because I still love all the fabrics in my stash. :) Scrappy quilts are a favorite of mine and I love to find a use for my leftovers. Nothing sadder than unused fabric except maybe unused Christmas trees the day after Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love that second quilt! It's beautiful!

Thanks for sharing with us. So beautiful!

Vivian said...

I'll be happy to join the MIAGIA movement. There's always somebody who's happy to receive a quilt I don't care for, whether it's a shelter, or a nursing home, or a friend or coworker.
Cheers to you, Karen, for promoting this.
Your guild's quilt night group has made some great quilts and are obviously having fun.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Annie's quilt is really pretty. I love the pictures of the quilting fairies busy at work. Too fun!