Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Quilts

I thought I'd give you a quick spin around my living room and see all the various stages of my Christmas quilting over the last 25 years. Here's my tree with my homespun tree skirt.
I made up this pattern and intended to applique some Red Wagon (Snowbound) angels or shepherds on it, but you can see how far I've gotten with that!!
Here is the very first Christmas quilt. This quilt brings back so many happy memories I can't bear to part with it. My sister (who lived in Lakeland, FL at the time) made these one summer when she came to visit. She has one identical to this! :) The colors and fabrics have changed so much.
This is the last Fireplace quilt of the year, not over the fireplace because there's a wreath there.
It always looks so pretty here in the hallway.
Here's a close up of the quilting, I wanted them to look like Christmas trees. I was able to figure out a continuous line quilting design and I'm very happy with it. This was one of my first projects when I learned to machine quilt.
This is my angel quilt. My friend Kim and I made this quilt together as a quilt-along before there was such a thing I guess (circa 1997). It's a very special quilt for me.
And here are the Joy Angels. I am putting the angel banner on my list this year - I really want one!!
And I love my big star and angel. I'll do a post after Christmas about the whole angel quilt. It's not really Christmas, so it stays out most of the winter.
Here's the latest one I'm working on. I've been trying to finish this for 4 years!!!!! It's also done in the "one of a kind" method. I'm hand quilting it but it doesn't even have that much quilting in it. I'm hoping to spend some quality time quilting over the holidays since we are not travelling this year.
The colors in this quilt make me so happy. I think it's that barn red and the caramel/brown. Just realized I forgot Snowbound - I'll do that separate.
So that's my living room, filled with Christmas quilts and they all get used!!
Until next time,


Carla said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas quilts, Karen! It's fun to see your work through the years.

QuiltSue said...

There are some lovely quilts there. I don't know how you can bear to put some of them away after Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Your tree is amazing! I love how perfect it looks! =) Beautiful quilts too!

Amy said...

Beautiful quilts, especially your fireplace one! I love it!!!

Quilt Hollow said...

Enjoyed the tour of holiday quilts. Merry Christmas

Allyson said...

Oh wow. The framed quilt above the table is just beuatiful. So striking. Thanks for sharing your Christmas quilts with us. It's always fun to look at. Merry Christmas!

Miriam said...

Beautiful quilts Karen.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Kathie said...

oh Karen the quilts are beautiful
I love your idea of putting the applique on your tree skirt! LOL like you I would have never gotten back to it either, looks good the way it is.
oh the Christmas quilt you and your sister made is just great, my favorite its the last quilt, its the Barn REd and the caramel browns oh my favorites. What pattern is that from?
OH snowbound I have that book and always wanted to make it too
maybe this year...
Happy New Year!

Karen said...

stumbled upon your blog this am and fell in love! We seem to be kindred spirits...I will be subscribing and seeing all you are up to! Thank you for making my very snowy morning delightful.

Laurence said...

Christmas quilts are very nice. Quilting is lovely.
I like your quilts and I put your blog in my favorites.

Millie said...

Enjoy the tour. And as always, your quilts are beautiful, Karen.

~Joan said...

Could you share the name of the quilt pattern that is framed and you said was your former fireplace quilt? It is beautiful, and the squares look mighty small!