Monday, August 2, 2010

Hanging a Quilt

Today I'm going to try to show a friend who asked me how to hang a quilt without using tabs at the top. I recently added a sleeve to this quilt so I could hang it in my little sewing room. You first cut a strip of fabric 4 1/2" wide and the width of the quilt.
Turn under a small hem on each end, fold in half wrong sides together and sew a 1/4" seam. Then hand baste to the back side. The sleeve should be about 1/2" shorter than the quilt on each side.
For heavier quilts I use a yardstick cut to size (adjust the sleeve width accordingly). For this small one I used a piece of cardboard cut just under 2". I poked two holes in the cardboard, right through the sleeve (cut out a small piece of the fabric so you can see the hole). The stiffness of the cardboard is sufficient for hanging a small quilt like this.
Then line up the holes and put 2 nails in the wall. Just push the quilt onto the nails through the holes you cut in the sleeve. I know there are lots of different ways to hang quilts, this is one I use when you don't have a hanger or don't want anything to show.
And just in case you think I'd forget the kitty, here he is.... peeking out from the middle. :) You might have to click on the picture to see him.
Thanks for all the sweet comments about Miagia's!!! Be sure to go back to Stash Manicure and register for the giveaway from Rae Ann. The whole experience was great fun for me.
Until next time, make something beautiful,


Stephanie said...

Beautiful NY Beauty!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

The cardboard is such a great idea for small quilts. And I love the New York Beauty quilt. The colors are wonderful!

Karen said...

Never have seen the method of hanging a quilt that you refer to. Very interesting and I may try it.
I like the quilt you show. All those points make a beautiful quilt.

Becky said...

Thanks Karen. That helped me tremendously. :)

Rose Marie said...

Had never thought about using cardboard .... great idea!

I use 3M hooks that you can stick on and pull off for my wall quilts. They work great and leave no holes.

Love your NY Beauty!!!

Vivian said...

This is definitely a New York Beauty! Smart idea with the cardboard.

I'd forgotten about your kitty(s) in each quilt. Thanks for the reminder.

You post for Stash Manicure was great fun to read.